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Progressive repair shops can expect more from their dynamometer systems when they turn to Phoenix Dynamometer. Below, you will find customer case studies attesting to our ability to provide high performance and flexible dynamometer systems, and at a more economical price point than other providers.



New test cell proves SuperTurbo® breakthrough

Phoenix custom designed a dynamometer test cell to demonstrate the advantages of VanDyne’s new SuperTurbo® turbo compounding solution. The company’s first-ever dynamometer test cell now demonstrates to diesel engine designers the cost and performance advantages of lag-free transient acceleration achieved by the SuperTurbo®.

“Phoenix did not sell us an off the shelf system.”

“It was very customized. They showed us the best possible dynamometer system investment. Other providers were offering their own proprietary stuff. We have quick changeovers. Really fast. We can roll an engine in, roll an engine out very easily. Very quick and flexible. We got it down to a much shorter work shift, so we can do more change-outs.” − Norb Abraham, VanDyne SuperTurbo®

“Much greater control. A complete system.”

“Everything was planned out. Not just the dynamometer, but the whole test system from design through installation. National Instruments is the technical platform for Phoenix. NI is a solid and reputable platform, and the Phoenix operating software is completely customizable and intuitive to use.

Safety integration was important to us. The whole system is safety integrated. We’ve got
lots of e-stops around. In the software program itself, we can put alarms around different
channels, different temperature channels or pressure channels. We have built safety into
the entire system.” − Sterling Holman, VanDyne SuperTurbo®

Cotta Transmission


New installation boosts productivity and safety

The Phoenix dynamometer system designed and built for Cotta Transmission has enabled the company to totally change the way it tests and delivers its transmission products. Cotta’s productivity is at its highest ever. Today one person can monitor three tests and collect data from three cells at the same time, from a safe location.

“It’s a safety-first system solution.”

“Phoenix helped us design and build a safer test environment that also gave us greater testing capabilities. The solution helped us achieve ISO 9001, 2008 certification. The Phoenix LightSpeed™ software allows us to program safety requirements into the system, such that the system knows to provide a range of alerts, along with such options as speed reduction and shutting a test down.” – Todd Wells, Cotta Transmission

“A platform for the future.”

“Phoenix helped us get to a higher level, one we discovered we could afford, with many of the testing capabilities we envisioned and a platform for the future. The Phoenix LightSpeed™ software is built on the National Instruments LabVIEW platform. A very powerful and proven platform. The LightSpeed™ interface enabled our people to quickly learn how to operate the system. And Phoenix is helping us get the most out of our system.” – Chris Brady, Cotta Transmission

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