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Transmission Dynamometers

The Phoenix Dynamometer Category of Universal, Heavy-Duty Transmission Test Stands (UTTS’s) are designed to test applications ranging from industrial trucks and autos, buses, military, and OHV’s. Our transmission test stands incorporate technologically advanced motor & drive pairings to offer superior AC motor control performance. With the multitude of options and available accessories, a Phoenix Dynamometer universal transmission test stand guarantees a “Best Buy” for your money. Our Universal Transmission Test Stands are found in both Military and Civilian applications and run the range between repair facilities to High-End Laboratory settings. Coupling a Phoenix Dynamometer Transmission Test Stand with the Phoenix Dynamometer LIGHTSPEED Data Acquisition and Control Software package will result in unbelievable performance.

Phoenix Dynamometer Systems UTTS capabilities include:

  • Universal Testing (standard & cross-drive)
  • Heavy-Duty Base
  • Engine Simulation w/ AC Motor
  • Air Cooled Eddy Current Loading
  • Integrated oil cooling system
  • Automated Shifting Capabilities
  • Premier Data Acquisition & Control


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