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Phoenix dynamometer installations are designed to conserve energy and resources. Regenerative and heat recovery solutions are available for most dynamometers we offer, variable frequency drives and Energy Star compliant devices are also used throughout our system designs.

Water Recirculating & Cooling Systems

The following recirculating and cooling products are some of the options we call upon to save enormous volumes of water in the systems we design. To see the savings potential of a Phoenix Dynamometer recirculation system please use our Excel-based H2O Savings Calculator. In most cases the initial cost of our systems will be fully recovered within three years of operation.

Above Ground Tanks

We offer a complete line of custom made polyethylene tanks equipped for our water recirculating systems. These aboveground storage tanks are manufactured from tough linear and/or crosslink polyethylene and are durable enough to withstand extreme service environments and harsh outdoor weather. Each tank is rotationally molded to form a seamless, one-piece tank that will not leak, rust, chip, or corrode.

Below Ground Sumps

Detailed drawings for below ground sump construction accompany all of our systems. When necessary we can provide Pre-Cast units that greatly reduce construction time and complexity. Sumps sizes range from 750 - 38,000 liters [200 - 10,000 gallons].

Cooling Towers

All cooling towers operate on the principle of removing heat from water by evaporating a small portion of the water that is recirculated through the unit. The heat that is removed is called the latent heat of vaporization. Each one pound of water that is evaporated removes approximately 1,000 BTU's in the form of latent heat.

Recirculation Control Module

We are proud to offer a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to the high water volume wasted with typical “water-cooled” dynamometer test cells. A Phoenix Dynamometer water recirculation system will considerably reduce the operating costs of a “water-cooled” dynamometer test cell by cooling, reusing and managing process water.

Water Conditioning Systems

DynoPlex is a self-contained, non-chemical synergistic system for the treatment of cooling towers and chillers. The system eliminates hard water scale, bacteria (including Legionella Pneumophila), algae, and sump debris through a combination of colloidal nucleation, ionization and centrifugal filtration technologies. DynoPlex is the only turnkey maintenance solution that completely and permanently resolves all problems normally associated with cooling tower/chiller system operation. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in cooling tower maintenance, and has proven effective in 100% of installations.


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