We offer a complete range of dynamometers and accessories to prescribe true system solutions. This includes options for advanced control automation, data management, ventilation and HVAC, vibration dampening, sound control, water recirculation, and more.

Transmission Dynamometers

The Phoenix Dynamometer Category of Universal, Heavy-Duty Transmission Test Stands (UTTS’s) are designed to test applications ranging from industrial trucks and autos, buses, military, and OHV’s. Our transmission test stands incorporate technologically advanced motor & drive pairings to offer superior AC motor control performance. With the multitude of options and available accessories, a Phoenix Dynamometer universal transmission test stand guarantees a “Best Buy” for your money. Our Universal Transmission Test Stands are found in both Military and Civilian applications and run the range between repair facilities to High-End Laboratory settings. Coupling a Phoenix Dynamometer Transmission Test Stand with the Phoenix Dynamometer LIGHTSPEED Data Acquisition and Control Software package will result in unbelievable performance.

Phoenix Dynamometer Systems UTTS capabilities include:

  • Universal Testing (standard & cross-drive)
  • Heavy-Duty Base
  • Engine Simulation w/ AC Motor
  • Air Cooled Eddy Current Loading
  • Integrated oil cooling system
  • Automated Shifting Capabilities
  • Premier Data Acquisition & Control


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