Chassis Dynamometer Accessories

Above-Ground Installation Kits

Phoenix Dynamometer above grade installation kits are available for each chassis dynamometer model regardless of the type of Power Absorption Unit (PAU) being used.

Above Ground Installation Kits

Cooling Fans

The Phoenix Dynamometer range of rugged, industrial-duty cooling fans will offer you the best performance for the money.

Cooling Fans

Exhaust Extraction Systems

Phoenix Dynamometer offers a line of easy-to-use exhaust removal systems and accessories that reduce or eliminate toxic exhaust fumes when engines (gas or diesel) are operated indoors. Available in many style and configurations to suit every application.

Exhaust Extraction Systems

Guard Rail Systems

Employers and employees alike want a safe work environment. Reduce the risk of workman’s compensation claims and employee downtime due to avoidable injuries with a properly designed and installed guardrail system.

Ramps & Lifts

Our heavy duty ramps and lift systems are multi-functional and engineered to last. They are available in standard configurations or custom built to your equipment and application.

Stone Guards

Stone guards can greatly improve the safety of your chassis dynamometer. Benefits include the reduced possibility of flying debris damaging equipment or vehicles in the dyno room and safer working conditions for your operators.

Test Cell Modules

Our professional dynamometer test cells ensure a stable, repeatable environment for your dynamometer runs and a safe workspace for your technicians. Design and performance have been tested to work well with a variety of dynamometers and equipment applications while providing a minimum 40 decibel (dBA) sound level reduction.

DynoVent® for optimal ventilation

DynoVent® removes all heat, carbon monoxide and other combustion & exhaust gases while providing fresh air for engine consumption and operator comfort while enforcing noise reduction. Even when making long dyno runs with an eddy current or other load applying device, such as when fuel injection mapping, our DynoVent system’s unique flow-thru design reduces harmful carbon monoxide levels to just 4 ppm.

Basic test room kits

Our standard dynamometer room configurations include modular wall & roof panels, all assembly components, trims and hardware to erect a complete test room. Basic room kits are complete with one 4’ wide single swing high-performance acoustical entry door and seal assembly and one 42” square double-glazed viewing window. All components are corrosion resistant electro-galvanized steel and are provided unpainted.

Options and accessories

Tie Down Kits

Phoenix Dynamometer tie down kits come complete with 2 or 4 straps sized for the specific application, mounting hardware (if necessary), strap binders to keeps straps rolled up when not in use and are available for the following applications:

Vibration Isolation Kits

Harmful effects of vibration and noise may cause serious impairment to the efficiency of workers and the overall effectiveness of dynamometer machinery. Proper use of these products will:

If your application warrants a professional foundation and vibration analysis, we can offer that as well. For more information on this service see the full description provided on the Value Added Services page under Technical Services.

Wheel Chocks

Phoenix Dynamometer wheel chocks are integral to your chassis dynamometer system.