Thursday December 14 , 2017
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Design & Development Services

Custom Dynamometers

After more than two decades of custom dynamometer solutions we have the industry experience necessary to satisfy your most complex testing requirements. After carefully evaluating your needs, and the desired results, we'll apply all the experience we've gained in the dynamometer domain to provide both detailed specifications and an implementation plan that includes all the technological options and a solution that fits your resources and delivers your best ROI.

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Foundation/Vibration Analysis and Dampening

Correct installation is second in importance only to the proper selection of the dynamometer itself in guaranteeing optimum performance and a proper return on invested resources. By taking advantage of our installation product offerings and engineering, you can be sure that your machine will be correctly installed.

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HVAC Systems

When job requirements go beyond the wide range of capabilities of our standard products, Phoenix Dynamometer's engineers meet your needs by designing and building custom-built systems that are factory-tested and documented to meet your performance specifications. Exhaust capture and removal, fume extraction and room make-up air either heated or cooled with positive or negative test cell controlled pressures are a few of the many requirements of a modern test cell. We design our systems to enable communication and interaction between multiple types of building automation systems for optimized operation and maximum efficiency.

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Software/OEM Applications

When off-the-shelf products are either insufficient or do not yet exist, our personalized software development services can provide the perfect solution for your needs. Phoenix Dynamometer can provide high quality systems that fulfill the most complex testing and integration requirements. Phoenix Dynamometer integrates advanced programming skills and expert understanding of the dynamometer test and measurement community to deliver flexible and scalable services, which are designed to meet specific budget requirements, while delivering maximum customer ROI at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

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Test Cells/Sound Attenuation

Phoenix Dynamometer designs custom sized Test Cells that are easy to install, easy to move or change with your facility and built to last. Phoenix Dynamometer Test Cells are constructed of rugged industrial duty modular acoustical panels that isolate high noise (40 dBA reduction min), eliminate dangerous fumes, protect the dynamometer equipment and provide safety.

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Water Recirculating Systems

Phoenix Dynamometer offers the most comprehensive approach to water recirculation systems in the industry, for those that use large volumes of water to dissipate heat. We can build single and multiple pump and/or cooling tower systems with either above or below ground tanks/sumps. These custom designed and built systems can address redundancy, fail safe conditions and multiple test cell requirements. Each system is designed to meet your specific needs and is available either as a stand-alone PLC controlled system or fully integrated to your dynamometer data acquisition and control system. To see the savings potential of a Phoenix Dynamometer recirculation system please use our Excel based H2O Savings Calculator (XLSX). In most cases the initial cost of our systems will be fully recovered within three years of operation.

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Beyond the Standard

If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us with your request. We have the expertise and flexibility to deliver a system to fit your exact testing requirements.

Did You Know?

Buying from us offers you a piece of mind with a solid 2-YEAR WARRANTY!