Thursday December 14 , 2017
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Test Cell Modules

Maximize Your Engine Dynamometer Investment

Using one of our Professional Dynamometer test cells will ensure a stable, repeatable environment for your dynamometer runs and a safe work space for your technicians. Design and performance features of our dyno rooms have been developed and tested specifically to work well with a variety of dynamometers and equipment applications to provide a minimum of 40 decibel (dBA) sound level reduction.

Test Cell Module

Technicians & Engines Can Breathe Easy With Dynamometers

Of course a Dynamometer test cell is only as effective as it’s ventilation system, and our DynoVent® option guarantees to remove all heat, carbon monoxide and other combustion & exhaust gases while providing fresh air for engine consumption and operator comfort – without sacrificing any noise reduction.

Even when making long dyno runs with an eddy-current or other load applying device, such as when fuel injection mapping, our DynoVent system with our unique flow-thru design, reduces harmful carbon monoxide levels to just 4 ppm!

Basic Dynamometer Test Room Kits

Each of our standard dynamometer room configurations includes modular wall & roof panels, all required assembly components, trims and hardware necessary to erect a complete test room of the desired size. Our basic dynamometer room kits are complete with one 4’ wide single swing high performance acoustical entry door and seal assembly and one 42” square double glazed viewing window. All components of dynamometer test rooms are fabricated of corrosion resistant electro-galvanized steel and are provided unpainted.

Some of our most popular room sizes

  • 12'- 0" x 15'- 0" for ATV & Motorcycle Chassis & Engine Dynamometers
  • 12'- 0" x 20'- 0" for Automotive & Truck Engine Dynamometers
  • 15'- 0" x 30'- 0" for Automotive & Truck Chassis Dynamometers

Available Options & Accessories

We offer a long list of readily available enhancements to our basic packages such as:

  • Larger Double Leaf Entry Doors either 6’ or 8’ wide
  • Additional Windows
  • Large View Picture Windows
  • Pre-Wired Modular Lighting & Electric Package
  • Factory Finish Painting
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Exhaust Hose Stands

Beyond the Standard

If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us with your request. We have the expertise and flexibility to deliver a system to fit your exact testing requirements.

Did You Know?

Buying from us offers you a piece of mind with a solid 2-YEAR WARRANTY!