Tuesday December 12 , 2017
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Above Ground Installation Kits

Phoenix Dynamometer above grade installation kits are available for each chassis dynamometer model  regardless of the type of Power Absorbtion Unit (PAU) being used.

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Cooling Fans

The Phoenix Dynamometer range of rugged, industrial-duty cooling fans will offer you the best performance for the money.

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Exhaust Extraction Systems

PDA SERIES AUTOMOTIVE DYNAMOMETER Phoenix Dynamometer offers a line of easy-to-use exhaust removal systems and accessories that reduce or eliminate toxic exhaust fumes when engines (gas or diesel) are operated indoors. Available in many style and configurations to suit every application.

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Guard Rail Systems

Guard Rail

Phoenix Dynamometer COST-EFFECTIVE Guard Rail Systems not only offer enhanced employee and customer safety, but add a more complete and professional look to your testing center.

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Ramps / 4-Post Lifts

Above Ground Ramp Phoenix Dynamometer offers different options for getting your vehicles onto chassis dynamometers.  Not only can we provide you with an option for our chassis dynamometers but those of our competitors as well.

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Stone Guards

Stone guards will significantly increase the safety of your chassis testing center and add an another level of comfort for your operators and customers.

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Test Cell Modules

Test Cell Module Phoenix Dynamometer offers the most comprehensive line of Dynamometer test cell packages available on the market today with engineered modules to fit either engine or chassis applications.

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Tie Down Kits

Tie Downs / Straps Phoenix Dynamometer Tie Down Kits are an essential part of safe dynamometer operation.  Kits are available for all types of vehicles and chassis dynamometers.

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Vibration Isolation Kits

Vibration Isolation
Our machinery installation systems provide solutions for every installation and are typically the answer in solving alignment and vibration problems with existing machinery as well as in new installations.

Reduced or eliminated vibration contributes to more efficient operation and longer life of your machinery. These job engineered isolation products dramatically reduce or eliminate vibration and noise transmission. Installations are fast, easy and cost effective.

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Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chocks

Phoenix Dynamometer Wheel Chocks offer another level of safety and security to your chassis dynamometer system.  Available with chains, hangers and wall sign.

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Beyond the Standard

If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us with your request. We have the expertise and flexibility to deliver a system to fit your exact testing requirements.

Did You Know?

“Custom is our Standard”.  No system is too complex for our Engineering team!