Tuesday December 12 , 2017
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Instrumentation / Data Acquisition & Control


LightSpeed™ is our Real Time deterministic monitoring and control system for dynamometers. Included with the LightSpeed™ hardware is a signal interface that can accept/condition signals from any type of sensor available today. The standard configurations include signal conditioning for speed, torque, multiple temperature type and pressure sensors. LightSpeed™ is intuitive, scalable and customizable to accommodate even the most extreme testing needs for the fraction of the cost when compared to other similar products.

From automated tests to alarm settings and actions, from simple printout reports to automatically reporting via email and distribution lists, from remote assistance and updates to controlling the most demanding applications from a different continent, LightSpeed™ makes it possible with just a few mouse clicks. LightSpeed™ comes equiped with the latest proven IT technology (PC, monitor and peripherals).


Beyond the Standard

If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us with your request. We have the expertise and flexibility to deliver a system to fit your exact testing requirements.

Did You Know?

We are the “Single Source” for all of your dynamometers and dynamometer accessories needs!