Tuesday December 12 , 2017
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Phoenix Dynamometer

Phoenix Dynamometer is the premier dynamometer designer, developer and manufacturer of dynamometer systems, data acquisition, and control systems for both chassis & engine applications.

We offer the most extensive and complete line of dynamometers, data acquisitions and control accessories in the industry.

Accessories such as: Air starters, air/fuel ratio meters, adapter plates, after-coolers, cooling columns, drive-shafts, engine carts, exhaust systems, turn-key test cells, cooling fans with or w/o VFD's (variable freq. drives), vibration isolation kits, tie down kits, guard rail systems, ramps, drive-shaft guards, dynamometer sub bases, calibration weights, fuel storage tanks, opacity meters, emissions analyzers, fuel measurement units, blow-by meters, torsional couplings, water re-circulation/cooling systems, test cell air handling (HVAC) systems, etc.

Phoenix Dynamometer will guide you through the selection process step by step, while assuring you that you are buying only the equipment and services you need. We will offer you an outstanding warranty package and guarantee only the best after sales support in the industry!