Thursday December 14 , 2017
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Reducing energy use and avoid unnecessary consumption of limited resources are the simplest ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your business and help reduce the effects of climate change. All businesses can reduce their energy use and better manage limited resources, benefitting the environment and their bottom line. Saving energy can also have other benefits, including boosting employees' morale and an improved business reputation.


Phoenix Dynamometer Systems LLC is making every effort to conserve energy and recourses within its own operation and by offering environmentally friendly products to its customers. Products like the Water Recirculating /Cooling Systems can save enormous volumes of precious water per installation, and the DynoPlex (Process Water Conditioning System) which prevents the use of harmful chemicals entirely. In addition, regenerative options and heat recovery solutions are available for most dynamometers we offer, providing "green options" for the environmentally minded dynamometer user.  On a smaller scale VFD's and energy star compliant devises are used throughout our product line to ensure energy conservation even at the lowest level. Finally, with your understanding and cooperation, we would like to continue to improve our efforts so please give us your input for further improvement.


Explore these options with us and let the environment benefit with you.