Thursday December 14 , 2017
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Built on Experience

Driven by Perfection

About Phoenix Dynamometer

Phoenix Dynamometer Systems LLC offers over 30 years of collective dynamometer experience and has its roots and core competencies in both Engineering Design & Build and the Engineering Service business sectors.

Phoenix Dynamometer's Systems LLC differentiation and competitive advantage derives from its investment in people, processes and product development. This internal focus and business ethos ensures that our clients experience class leading service levels and high-value, low risk, engineering solutions.

Our operation is designed and delivered to provide both business continuity and competitive advantage for the customer. The adoption of a 'partnering' approach with our clients, effectively makes Phoenix Dynamometer Systems LLC an extension to their own business operation. Focusing on clients who have the need for individual solutions and services, our knowledge and activities harness the latest technologies to deliver high-value, low risk, solutions specific to our clients needs.